How My Startup Received 5 Awesome Logo Designs For Just $75

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Having a new logo created for your startup or business doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming exercise. Unless of course, want it plastered everywhere or perhaps illuminated under flagpole lighting outside your company shop/office! But this is if you want and need accelerated business growth and success. Let’s see where you can start if you want a step down from that.

Too often Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders go out and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars getting a logo designed when that money could be better spent on acquiring customers and improving their product or service.

At the other end of the spectrum, you also see businesses that don’t both with a logo at all. These businesses seek help from a professional agency like Cultivate Digital (an agency that does web design in melbourne) to create and design their websites. However, when it comes to designing a logo, they create a square or rectangle in Microsoft Paint and type the text out for their business name. This is no good either which is why you want to find a happy medium. It doesn’t create a great first impression for your website or business and people might not take you seriously enough to hand over their money for your product or service. Instead, you might find it better to use a design agency that is more local to you to help with your logo design, as they are often not as expensive as some of the more well-known agencies. For instance, you can look here if you’re one of the many St Louis companies that need a logo design to find a local option that would be able to assist you. This is just one example and there are many other smaller companies out there who won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will deliver quality results every time.

Some businesses even choose to seek out help online. Recently I went through the process of having a new logo designed for Task Pigeon. Following the recent announcement Marketplace by Task Pigeon, I turned to our very own service to organize for this to take place.

For $75 I was provided with 5 logo designs to choose from. I could then request changes, if required, before making a final selection of one (or more of the designs).

Compared to other freelance marketplace platforms there is no back and forth with job postings, reviewing freelancer feedback, etc, Marketplace by Task Pigeon takes care of that and pre-vets all of the freelancers that it lets on to its platform.

Here are the two logos that I ended up going with.

The white background logo is the primary logo for Task Pigeon. You will find it on most of our marketing material and social media pages.

The purple background logo was selected as it works well as an app icon, or where a white background isn’t feasible or ideal.

The Process

In terms of the process of getting these created it is very straight forward.

  1. Marketplace by Task Pigeon is only available for users of the underlying task management application so you will first need to create an account.
  2. Next you want to visit our marketplace and select the “5 x New Logo Concepts” task.
  3. After you have purchased this task we will ask you to provide a small amount of information to help guide the design process. This includes; the name of your company, examples of logos you like, examples of logos you don’t like (optional)
  4. One of our pre-vetted designers will then start work on your new logos. Once received you are free to provide feedback and request any changes required.

And there you have it, a brand new logo for your startup or business!

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