How Syntricity Networks, An IT and Managed Services Provider To Customers In Highly Regulated Industries, Support Their Daily Operations With Task Pigeon

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Syntricity Networks is an Information Technology (IT) Managed Services Provider (MSP) that specializes in working with clients in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, legal, education and real estate.

As a result of this unique client base, Syntricity Networks operates as more of a partner, rather than a vendor to its clients. This has also allowed the team at Syntricity to develop a deep domain knowledge of the regulatory requirements each of their clients face, all while ensuring that they deliver a timely and high quality service.

Syntricity also prides itself on being a lean operation with only few internal team members that are augmented by a network of industry experts that they engage as independent contractors on an as needed basis. As a result the Syntricity team offers varied expertise across a range of roles. This expertise includes a Board Certified Compliance Officer, a Certified Chief Information Security Officer and a Paralegal, just to name a few.

When it comes to managing tasks, the team at Syntricity exclusively manages client projects with Task Pigeon. Before Task Pigeon the company depended on a collection of independent tools and documents to assign tasks to team members, follow up on project status and provide updates. According to Michael Alicea, the Chief Information and Operations Officer at Syntricity, “the team found itself not updating one or more of the tools thereby making this internal solution unreliable. We routinely found our staff members depending on calls and emails to ensure all client projects and recurring tasks where up to date – a process which created unnecessary work.”

Michael Alicea went on to say that “Task Pigeon has made a significant impact on Syntricity’s operation. The company now has one dashboard to go to and can instantly see where the team members are on their assigned projects and tasks. Manager’s can request status updates from team members within the single application and the logging of all comments ensures that another team member can start at any point on a project and quickly be brought up to date.”

These Task Pigeon features are especially important to Syntricity’s clients that operate in highly regulated industries. The staff at Syntricity are trained to identify and bring to management’s attention issues and situations which when addressed quickly can prevent legal trouble and costly fines. Sometimes these alerts get delegated back and Syntricity is entrusted to follow through and complete the fix. Therefore the team needed a task management solution that they could rely on to manage this workflow.

More broadly however, Syntricity provide services in the areas of general Managed IT services and support, communication and collaboration, backup and recovery, secure email and electronic faxing, as well as Kronos and PointClickCare support and services. They are a Google Cloud Partner and also work with a variety of other technologies including Aerohive networks, Calyptix Security, Cecurecend and Highfive. Furthermore, all of their services are provided under the direction of a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer (CHCO).

When managing this workload, one of the many features Syntricity Networks finds extremely useful within Task Pigeon is the colorful dashboard first and foremost. At a glance Syntricity can see what team members have tasks assigned to them, what clients have open tasks and whether those tasks are on schedule or delayed. The checklist feature is another Syntricity favorite which reduces the amount of tasks into a single one which adds project clarity at the same time.

According to the team at Syntricity however, “the greatest benefit it has received from using Task Pigeon is that its team members now actually enjoy keeping projects tasks thoroughly documented. Task Pigeon makes it easy and team members quickly see the value of their input.” With Michael adding that: “Syntricity Networks is thoroughly convinced it made the right decision moving its task management to Task Pigeon. And with Task Pigeon routinely adding new features like its recent support for sub categories, Syntricity is often surprised how the tool continues to evolve and thereby making Syntricity more productive.”

If you would like to learn more about Syntricity Networks and their experience as regulated business specialists you can visit their website here.


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