Task Pigeon Adds Kanban Boards

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If you have read any of our previous product announcements you will know that the underlying theme of Task Pigeon is that everyone likes to manage their workload different.

Some people prefer lists, other people prefer “post it note” style tiles, and other people like using Kanban Boards. Well today, we are pleased to announce that Kanban Boards have arrived for Task Pigeon.

If you are not familiar with Kanban Boards they are essentially a workflow visualization tool that allows you to prioritize your work flow and move tasks from one category to another.

Traditionally Kanban Boards have three stages:

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Done

You can however create as many (or as few) Kanban Boards as you like and assign them either by stage (to do, doing, done) or by a particular category. For example Sales, Marketing, Finance.

Kanban Boards are available on all Task Pigeon accounts (both free and paid). They are simple and easy to use. You just select a category from the drop down menu and the Kanban board will be populated with those tasks. With our drag and drop functionality you can then re-assign or re-order tasks in order to prioritize your workflow.

Our Left Hand Menu remains which also makes it easy to quickly filter tasks to look at tasks by the team leave, your personal tasks, those that are due soon, in progress or complete.

Finally, if you are not a fan of Kanban Boards Task Pigeon still allows you to view your tasks as “Tiles” or in our “List view” that was released back in April of this year.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the new Kanban Board feature in Task Pigeon feel free to comment people or contact us.

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