Task Pigeon Launches out of Beta with a Stack of New Features

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Today, Task Pigeon, a free online task management solution, is pleased to announce that we are launching out of beta.

Over the past five weeks we have been thankful to everyone who signed up to test Task Pigeon and for all the insight and feedback you offered. We have been hard at work incorporating many of these new suggestions into the product. And also working on things that we ourselves knew could be improved

While you can never say that a software program is “finished” this round of updates makes Task Pigeon extremely competitive with other task management solutions on the market.

So without further ado, here’s whats new in Task Pigeon.

Drag & Drop to Re-Order Categories

Task Pigeon Re-Order Categories

  • You can now change the order of categories with ease.
  • Simply “drag & drop” categories into the order you prefer.

Edit Category Details

Task Pigeon Edit Category Details

  • “Hover” over any category to bring up the settings wheel.
  • You can then edit the category name and color.

Re-categorise a Task

Task Pigeon Re-categorise a Task

  • To change a category that a task belongs to you can simple “drag & drop” it to a new category of your choice.

Add Attachments to Comments

Task Pigeon - Add attachments to comments

  • You can now add attachments to comments (as well as to the task description itself).
  • Simply open up any current task, scroll the the comment box and attach a file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Improved Notifications

Task Pigeon - Improved Notifications

  • Improved notifications now make it easier to see what you have:
    • Favorited (Star)
    • Due Soon (Flame)
    • An outstanding notification for (Exclamation Point)

Plus a Number of other Improvements

Other improvements include:

  • The ability to export data (Premium/Business Accounts Only)
  • Native hyperlinks for task descriptions and comments
  • Ability to have paragraphs in comments
  • Improved email notifications for new comments and tasks
  • New user on boarding flow
  • Ability to “find your team domain” incase you forget what team name you signed up with.

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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