Task Pigeon Improves App Performance by 217% With Latest Update

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We are excited to announce the latest update to the Task Pigeon application. While nothing has visually changed we have significantly increased the performance of the application and cut down on load times.

Over the last couple of weeks our team has been working on improving our backend architecture. Yesterday, we released the first of a two part upgrade that we have completed.

Essentially the primary server for Task Pigeon has been based in the US. If you were fortunate enough to be located in North America then the response time was typically on-par with other applications of our size and scale.

The further afield you went however, i.e. if you happened to be down here in Australia or “across the pond” in Europe, the greater the chance that the response time of our server could at times be less than optimal.

You can see this in the images below that showcase the load time PRIOR to our recent updates. For users in the US the application loaded in a respectable 1.32 seconds. In Australia however that increased to 3.24 seconds, while in Europe it was 1.94 seconds.

Original Load Times

Original Load Time In The US


Original load time in Europe

Original load time in Europe


Original Load Time In Australia

Original Load Time In Australia

Improved Load Times

With the latest changes however we have delivered a performance increase of up to 217% and significantly decreased load times across the board.

Improved US Load Time

Improved US Load Time

In the US we were able to decrease the load time from 1.32 seconds to 1.20 seconds and the page size was cut down from 3.0 mb to only 716.8 kB.

Improved Europe Load Times

Improved Europe Load Times

Our European load times improved significantly. In fact the Task Pigeon application now loads faster in Stockholm where it was tested from than the US where our server is located.

Improved Load Time In Australia

Improved Load Time In Australia

Australia is where we saw the biggest improvement. A 217% improvement in the load time of the application that was cut from 3.24 seconds down to 1.02 seconds.

I hope that our users notice this significant increase in performance and find that Task Pigeon now makes them more productive than ever!

What’s Next

We have another series of changes that we are currently working on. While they won’t provide as dramatic a decrease in general load time the will still contribute significantly the improving the performance of the application.

The next series of changes are focused on improving the load time of dynamic content, i.e. the tasks you create and information that is unique to you/your team.

I look forward to rolling out this update shortly. In the meantime if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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