Task Pigeon Secures CTO While Growing 100% In The Past Three Months

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Task Pigeon’s Press Release as Published in Startup Soda

In the past three months Task Pigeon, a Sydney based task management startup, has gone from strength to strength with a 100% increase in the number of new sign ups, monthly active users and tasks created on the platform. But the most significant change according to Founder and CEO of Task Pigeon, Paul Towers, is the recent decision to bring on a CTO who is aligned with the company vision and potential.

The lead up to this decision coincided with renewed investment in the platform which has resulted in a host of soon to be released features including recurring tasks, private categories and sub-categories being developed. According to Paul “these new features translate into Task Pigeon being a task management solution that can compete with any other offering on the market, yet, most importantly, all while providing a better, more streamlined user experience”.

At the same time as developing the product strategy and seeing growth occur on the platform, Paul recognised the value that Task Pigeon’s contract developer Shawn Janas was contributing to the company. Not only had Shawn built out the new feature set, but he was aligned with the company vision and believes in its potential. As a result it was an easy decision to make and Task Pigeon is today announcing that Shawn Janas is joining the company as CTO.

“In two years Task Pigeon has come along way. But the recent growth we have seen in the platform, along with the appointment of Shawn is only going to see that accelerate. We now have the combined talent on board to make sure that Task Pigeon becomes a break out success. One that is attractive to our customers, partners and the investment community” said Paul Towers.

Shawn Janas joins Task Pigeon with more than seven years experience as a Software Engineer after graduating from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science and Business) in Canada. Since then he has worked with startups in both Canada and Silicon Valley including Y Combinator backed Kamcord (now part of Lyft) and Nitrio another venture backed startup.

According to Shawn “I have seen what fast growing startups look like and the growth Task Pigeon has achieved over the past few months reminds me of that. I believe that our growth will only continue to accelerate and along with that will come an increase in paid users and Monthly Recurring Revenue”.

Shawn joins Paul Towers the Founder and CEO of the company who originally launched Task Pigeon to the public in early 2017, but this isn’t the first time the two have worked together. In fact, Shawn was the original contract developer for Task Pigeon building the company’s original MVP. Things have since come full circle with the team pairing up again over the last few months to continue their original contract developer / client relationship.

With the announcement today that relationship is further extended with Shawn taking on the title of CTO and be provided with an equity plan that reflects the value he brings to the table and positions Task Pigeon for further success and potential investment in the future. “I am more excited about the potential for Task Pigeon now, than ever before. We have all of the right parts to the puzzle now and the ability to take Task Pigeon from where it is today to where we know it can and should be tomorrow” said Paul.

To find out more about Task Pigeon you can visit their website here.


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