Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017

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Six months ago I started a project to create a completely open and transparent startup. I was inspired by other SaaS based startups such as Buffer, Groove HQ and Baremetrics, and the concept of transparency also sat well with my belief in giving back to the startup community and helping others.

Along the way I have written about validating the idea for Task Pigeon, finding the technical talent I needed to get it off the ground and how we managed to launch our beta in seven weeks. Until now though however, I haven’t shared any traffic or revenue numbers. Largely because there wasn’t any to share.

But, now with our StackSocial campaign we underway we have our first revenue in the door and something to “write home about”.

In today’s post I am going to bare all, and share data on our:

  • Website traffic
  • Blog traffic
  • Revenue Numbers
  • Monthly Active Users

I also want to encourage you all to post a question or comment below. I have this transparency thing serious and am happy to answer any question you put to me about Task Pigeon or my journey so far.

Website Traffic To TaskPigeon.co

In April we had a total of 2,152 visitors to our main site and 4,465 page views. This is a 34% increase in page views over the previous month, once we take out the one off spike caused my our Product Hunt listing. SEO is crucial to increasing traffic which is why it’s such a valuable skill to have, there are various other SEO reseller benefits if you’re thinking of getting into the field.

It’s also worth noting that this data does not include page views to the Task Pigeon application itself, which would have added an additional 2,949 views.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - Google Analytics

Diving into the figures, one thing that I found interesting was that people who searched for “Task Pigeon” directly in search only had a 40% bounce rate, and on average spent 4:37 minutes on the site.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - Google Analytics Image 2

Obviously there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to acquiring traffic to our website. The StackSocial campaign has definitely had a positive impact on this but now that the product is out in the world we need to have a stronger focus on sales and marketing. Key things that I have been working on over the past few weeks.

Website Traffic to Blog.TaskPigeon.co

I didn’t post as much in April and it showed in the stats. We only had 977 page views from 525 users. There are no excuses but as a small team sometimes we have to prioritise other tasks over putting together a new post.

Given my strong belief in content marketing, and my desire to use a marketing centre Go-To-Market strategy I have recently created a marketing calendar that will see a minimum of two blog posts published each week.

My goal with this is to provide valuable content on the journey of building Task Pigeon, and to also cater to our core target market by providing insightful and informative pieces on leadership, management and productivity.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - Google Analytics For Blog

Revenue Numbers

April represented an important milestone for Task Pigeon when it came to revenue. We got our first sales as part of the campaign we are running with StackSocial.

This was important for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s nice to see some money coming in instead of just always going out. But more importantly it shows that people like Task Pigeon enough to actually pay us for it (albeit at a discounted price).

In April we generated $1,387.75 USD in revenue. Based on today’s exchange rate that is approximately $1,884 Australian dollars.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - Revenue

User Numbers

Looking more deeply at user number we can see that the StackSocial campaign has also had a positive impact on our sign ups in general. This is largely due to the coverage we have received in publications like:

The data suggests that a number of people are coming to our site to try Task Pigeon before continuing as a free user or buying the discounted offering.

In April we had a total of 307 new users join the platform. This represents almost 50% of the total user volume we have seen since opening our beta in February, which is a pleasing result.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - New Users

Obviously though total user numbers is not as important as Monthly Active Users. I have previously written how during our beta program we saw a number of people sign up to “try Task Pigeon out”, and this pattern repeated itself in March when we were featured on Product Hunt.

In April our total Monthly Active Users stood at 128 users.

Task Pigeon Traffic, Stats & Revenue For April 2017 - Active Users

What’s Next

Over the next few weeks another core focus of mine is improving our use of data to get a better understanding of our users.

For example users from the beta and Product Hunt campaign are “diluting” the figures and don’t give us a clear understanding of engagement from people who found Task Pigeon natively and chose to sign up based on what they saw on our landing page.

Understanding this, will provide much greater insight into just how “sticky” Task Pigeon is amongst these users.

We also have a strong focus on sales and marketing activities, as well as continuing to create and push out new product features. Some have suggested that utilizing social media like instagram can bring is more traffic, so it might be useful to look into how to gain followers on instagram. Only time to will tell.

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