Task Pigeon Version Two Is Now LIVE

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When I set out to build Task Pigeon I wanted to create a task management tool I would be happy to use every single day! Our first version was a significant step in the right direction, but we always knew improvements needed to be made.

Today I am happy to announce the next step in our journey towards building the best task management tool on the market, and am unveiling “Version 2” of Task Pigeon.

While there are some visual changes to the product, the majority of the work has gone into improving what is “under the hood”. The new team I bought on three months ago has put significant effort into improving the usability, speed and reliability of the Task Pigeon application.

In addition however, they have also created a platform that allows for the rapid roll out of additional features that we have had waiting in the wings for some time now. You will see these appear in the application in the days and weeks moving forward.

Task Pigeon Version Two Launches

We did manage to include some new functions and features in the first release of Version 2 which we think you will appreciate.

This includes:

  • The ability to edit/change the name of your team (available under the “Admin” tab)
  • The ability to edit/change the domain name of your team (available under the “Admin” tab)

update team and domain name

  • Improved drag and drop functionality for the left hand menu (You can now re-order any menu item and next time you log in, you will immediately see your default screen you have chose to list at the top)
  • Improved drag and drop functionality of categories you assign tasks to
  • Improved UI for editing and/or deleting categories/category names

Task Pigeon Edit Category Name

  • Improved UI for assigning tasks which now shows the profile picture and name of each member on your team.
  • Improved capability for uploading your own profile image

Edit Profile Picture - Task Pigeon

  • Numerous in-app notifications when adding, editing or marking tasks as complete
  • Rich text editor for task descriptions (functionality currently limited to heading/font size)

To release this product we have had to suspend our integration with Zapier for a few days. It will be back online within a week and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Task Pigeon and I hope you and your team enjoy the new features that we have been able to provide.

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