Task Pigeon’s Integration With Zapier Is Now In Public Beta

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Startup Founders, Employees, Productivity Gurus rejoice! Task Pigeon’s integration with Zapier is now in Public Beta.

No more mucking around with requesting access to the Private Beta or wondering when it will be available on the Zapier platform itself. With Task Pigeon now in Public Beta you can easily connect and integrate Task Pigeon into over 1,000+ other applications from their main interface.

If you are not familiar with Zapier it is “THE” platform for automating your workflow and connecting multiple applications together.

Want to create a task directly from your email?

Turn a Google calendar event into a task?

Or update a task with comments in Slack?

Then Zapier can automate that for you (and a whole lot more).

Over the next couple of weeks we will be creating “Template Zaps” around common use cases. This will make it easier than ever to integrate Zapier with some of your favorite and most well used tools on the internet.

If you want to go beyond the template Zaps you can of course create your own, often in just a few steps. With 1,000+ apps on the Zapier platform the options to integrate, send and share data between platforms has never been easier.

If you want to get started with Zapier and integrate Task Pigeon with another tool or service you use, you need to be in our free trial period or on a paid/premium tier of Task Pigeon. After that head over to Zapier, create a free account, and get started.

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