Task Pigeon’s Newest Version Is Now Faster Than Ever & Adds Task Priorities & Custom Backgrounds

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The latest version of Task Pigeon, which was released earlier today, is now faster and more responsive than ever.

Over the last few months, we have conducted a detailed customer feedback campaign where we spoke with our customers and learned more about how they use Task Pigeon, what they love, and where they see room for improvement.

During this process, we were pleased to hear from our customers that they love the overall design, layout and simplicity of Task Pigeon. The fact that you can create an account, invite your team members and get started easily was highlighted as a major benefit of Task Pigeon over competing applications.

At the same time however one area for improvement became a common thread. While the application looked and felt great some functions took too long to complete and overall the theme was that the performance and responsiveness of the application could be improved.

We took that on board and have been working hard for the last 6 to 8 weeks to make that change a reality. With the latest version of Task Pigeon the application is now faster than ever. Every function has been improved and is faster than it ever has been before. Whether it is navigating your dashboards, filtering to categories or adding new tasks everything should look and feel faster than before.

At the same time as releasing this performance upgrade we wanted to give you a couple of new features as well. As a result we are pleased to let you know that you can now personalize your Task Pigeon dashboard in a number of ways. First of all your Team Name now replaces the standard “Task Pigeon” name in the top left hand corner of your dashboard.

More interesting however, is the ability to add a custom background image. To do this you can navigate to the profile section of your account and select one of the pre-set images or chose to upload an image of your own.

Finally, we have also rolled out task priorities, the ability to assign a task as low, medium or high priority and then filter on that basis. The ability to assign a task a priority has been a widely requested feature and makes it easier than ever to assign and prioritize work amongst you and your team. In addition to filtering by priority, you can now also filter by category and last update.

With this latest update to Task Pigeon we have focused on making the application easier to use than ever before. We had a lot right already, but always knew there was room for improvement. Our hope is that these performance improvements address the number one concern we uncovered while speaking with you, our customers.

But we are not stopping there. Over the coming months we will continue to release near features, and improve existing ones, all while continuing our mission to create a world-leading task management application that is straightforward to use, but powerful for both individuals and teams.

If the new version of Task Pigeon is not immediately available to you, we suggest you clear your browser cache and then log back in to ensure you are accessing the latest version of Task Pigeon.


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