The Best Task Management Software For Entrepreneurs

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The best task management software for entrepreneurs is one that lets you move fast and work in a flexible and agile environment.

As an entrepreneur so much of your time is spent on working out how to grow your business, thinking of creative ways to fund your new business , acquire more customers and launch new products, so you don’t want a tool that bogs you down and introduces more complexity than you need. It’s important to make the most of any help you can get in making your business a success, for example, even if you’re starting an employment agency you might need help figuring out your own recruitment finances.

Not only that however, as an entrepreneur you don’t use a task management tool that is too simple or doesn’t scale. While you may be the only person in your business today, what about tomorrow, or next year. As an entrepreneur if you choose to grow your business you need a task management tool that can grow with you.

That’s why we put together our list of the best task management tools for entrepreneurs.

Here they are:

Task Pigeon – The Best Task Management Tool For Entrepreneurs

Task Pigeon is everything an entrepreneur needs in a task management tool. It is straight forward to use but still packs a punch with a host of features to create, assign and manage tasks. Not only that but Task Pigeon scales perfectly no matter how large (or small your team).

One of the stand out features for Task Pigeon is their dashboard view and use of categories (and sub-categories) to organize and manage tasks. This makes it easy to rapidly add tasks and see what projects you have to work on each day. Plus at any time you can filter down to an individual category or project in just one click.

Beyond the core dashboard view Task Pigeon offers a number of features that make keeping track of your workload a breeze. This includes the ability to switch views and use Kanban boards if you prefer to move tasks along in a “to do”, “doing”, “done” style or work management, to create both text and checklist based tasks, recurring tasks that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and private tasks and categories to lock down who can see the individual details of each task.

Finally for entrepreneurs just getting started Task Pigeon offers a free tier that helps keep your costs low from the get go. As you scale or look to use some of Task Pigeon’s more premium features then the pricing structure is straight forward and easy to follow. Its simply $9 per user, per month.

Clickup, A Task Management Tool For Entrepreneurs

Clickup is another task management tool for entrepreneurs. Like Task Pigeon, Clickup offers a variety of task views including timeline, list, board and box views making it super flexible for entrepreneurs who like to mix and match how they view and manage tasks.

Moving beyond the core display features Clickup also makes collaborating with your team easy. You can assign tasks to one or more team members, attach and share files within a task and chat with your colleagues to keep track of progress and key milestones.

Some more advanced features that you will find in Clickup are the ability to use Gantt charts, create schedules and time estimates, as well as set goals and objectives for projects. For individual entrepreneurs this might be a bit too much, but as your team scales you may find these features increasingly beneficial.

Like Task Pigeon Clickup also offers a free tier, with their paid tier coming in at $12.90 AUD per user, when paid on a monthly basis.

Trello – Another Task Management Tool For Entrepreneurs

Trello - alternative

Trello is one of the original task management tools on the market and as a result, it has a strong following, especially amongst people and teams who like to use the Kanban board methodology.

Trello makes it easy to visualize tasks and move them between categories or boards. Trello also adds images from your tasks to each card and makes it easy to categories tasks given providing a visual approach to managing your workload.

When it comes to integrations, Trello also offers things it calls “powerups” to add additional functionality to your dashboard and integrate with services such as Slack, Google Drive, Github, etc.

Finally, like each of the other tools we have discussed so far Trello offers a completely free tier which makes it easy to get started. Paying for the premium version of Trello starts at $9.99 per user per month when paid annually in advance and offers additional functionality.

Asana – Project Management for Entrepreneurs

Asana - alternative

Asana is a project management tool that will suit entrepreneurs who are looking to work with a team from day one. Compared to other tools there is a longer onboarding and set up process that can make it feel more complex when getting started but offers the advantage that comes with a wider variety of features.

On the free tier entrepreneurs will find Asana provides the ability to view tasks as lists, on boards and using the calendar view. You do however miss out on “timelines” and the ability to group tasks and projects into a portfolio. These features are available on the premium and business tier respectively.

Asana also provides a free tier that is limited to 15 users and comes with a subset of their features. Paid plans start at $9.99 per user, per month when billed annually in advance.

Notion All In One Task Management For Entrepreneurs

Notion is an all in one workspace and task management tool entrepreneurs can use to effectively plan and manage their businesses operations.

At the centre of Notion is task management tool that takes advantage of Kanban, Calednar and list views in a minimal style dashboard. This makes it easy to focus exactly on what you need to do without needing to navigate countless menus and options.

Notion expands on this by also offering a knowledge base (or wiki), lightweight CRM and quick to-do list option. As a result it would suit entrepreneurs who have direct interaction with their customers and would rather not go to the expense of having a separate CRM (although, should you eventually find that you do need separate CRM, you might want to look at providers like Revel Systems for businesses like coffee shops). The knowledge base would also be useful as your team expands and knowledge needs to be shared across multiple people. As with most difficult business tasks, having an effective knowledge management plan is crucial for achieving your desired results.

Like each of the other tools we have looked at Notion does have a free tier. It is however limited to only one user so would be best suited to new entrepreneurs or smaller business owners who work individually. If you need to add additional users then Notion is priced at $8 per user, per month when billed annually in advance.


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