The Engines Are Up And Running Again – The August Monthly Report

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August has been a very successful month!

After weeks and weeks of waiting we release the new and improved version of Task Pigeon on the 21st. And my increased focus on marketing and growing our audience has been paying significant dividends with traffic up over 100%.

On top of that the feedback from my customers has been extremely encouraging.

One note in particular sticks in my mind where a customer said the new version feels like a brand new product and they love it!

Here’s how all of the stats broke down for August 2017.

Web Traffic – 2017

Task Pigeon August Monthly Report - Web Traffic

The launch of the new version of Task Pigeon has reinvigorated traffic and led to a significant improvement in visitors to our website. Despite the new version of Task Pigeon launching in the back 3rd of August, the 21st to be exact, traffic jumped by almost 100% across all key metrics.

This resulted in the highest traffic to Task Pigeon since May 2017 and was our 3rd best record on Month (since September 2016 when our site went live pre-launch).

Key statistics from our traffic this month include:

  • Users visiting Task Pigeon was up just over 100% with 1,618 visitors in August compared to 807 in July.
  • Total sessions increased almost 90% to 2,000 (up from 1,061 in July).
  • Page views also nearly jumped by 100% and increased from 1,596 to over 3,100 in August.
  • Despite the increase in traffic both average page views and session time also increased slightly.

Blog Traffic – August 2017

Task Pigeon August Monthly Report - Blog Traffic

Not to be outdone by our main site the Task Pigeon blog had its best month ever, with more sessions, page views and users since we first started blogging back in October 2016.

In particular we saw:

  • Users increase from 880 to 1,765, an increase of more than 100%.
  • Total sessions went from 1,056 to 2,077 which was up 96%+ compared to July 2017.
  • Page views also saw significant growth increasing to 2,632 up from 1,400

The overwhelming majority of this views came from non-paid outreach and advertising efforts. We did however test some new Facebook campaigns and finally cracked the code, achieving a cost per engagement of just 2 cents.

Revenue – August 2017

Task Pigeon August Monthly Report - Revenue Numbers

As per previous months our Stack Social campaign has all but concluded. They are not actively marketing the offer, however a few sales continue to trickle in.

In August we generated $242.22 USD, which is down from $310.50 USD the month prior. A big focus of my recently announced 30 in 30 day plan is to get our first monthly recurring customers. With our recent upgrades and new features in the work I am confident that this remains achievable.

Expenditure – August 2017

Task Pigeon August Monthly Report - Expenditure

Expenditure for August was kept well within check. Total expenditure came in at $2,732.44 which was well below last months figure of $6,942.72.

This was in large part due to the fact that my development team moved from creating features to fixing bugs prior to the V2 launch. And while it didn’t kick in for August I received qualified for $1,000 in AWS credits which will offset my hosting costs for the next few months moving forward.

For those who don’t know I continue to self-fund/bootstrap Task Pigeon like I have done since the very beginning.

User Numbers – August 2017

Task Pigeon August Monthly Report - User Numbers

With the increase in traffic also came an increase in new users. In July 2017 we had 141 new users. This month that figure increased to 239. Although full disclosure there are probably 10 – 15 trial accounts that me and my team have created within that mix.

While doing the upgrade and migration to V2 we did however unfortunately have to disconnect Woopra, which is my software for tracking user engagement. It will be back for next months report and as you can see from the image above I only have data for the first 14 days of the month.

As a result there is no reliable way to compare like for like with July when we had 75 monthly active users.  The 14 days worth of data I do have however shows 39 Monthly Active Users which one would expect would have allowed us to at least match, if not surpass last months result.

Looking Forward

August was a good month! It was fantastic to see traffic and user numbers increase by a significant amount and reverse the declines I had previously reported on while I waited for the new version of Task Pigeon.

What gives me even more hope is that the new version of Task Pigeon was launched very late in the month. This gives me a lot of confidence that September can be even better! I have my 30 in 30 day challenge running and will be updating everyone on the outcome of that shortly.

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