The Top 7 Alternatives To Trello

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Trello was one of the original task management tools available as a “Software-as-a-Service” based application on the internet and launched eight years ago. It also popularized the Kanban board methodology for tracking and managing tasks.

But 8 years is a long time, especially when it comes to software, so while Trello is a good tool there are many individuals, teams and businesses looking for alternatives to Trello. In particular, users may seek a Trello alternative that offers more flexibility, more features and perhaps a different approach to managing tasks altogether.

In fact, some of the most common criticisms of Trello highlight that at their user interface looks a little dated and that the Kanban board approach may suit smaller teams but can often fall apart if you have larger projects to manage.

So if you have tried Trello and found that it doesn’t tick all of your boxes there are a number of Trello alternatives that you may like to consider.

Task Pigeon A Great Alternative To Trello

Whether you are looking for a task management tool that offers kanban boards or not, Task Pigeon has you covered. Task Pigeon takes a flexible approach to task management and offers a number of views to help match the style in which you prefer to work.

What this means in reality is that you have a task management tool that lets you seamlessly switch between kanban boards, task tiles and a list view.

Moving beyond views alone Task Pigeon provides the ability to easily categorise your tasks so that you don’t have to view an entire dashboard just to see what your marketing team (for example) is working on. This includes the ability to create sub-categories or categories nested under a “parent”.

The creation and management of tasks is also supported by the ability to create standard text based tasks, checklist tasks and even tasks that can be marked private (and are therefore only visible to the people you choose).

Finally, one of the other main appeals of Trello is their free tier. On this front Task Pigeon is also a viable alternative to Trello with a 100% free tier of their own.

Basecamp As An Alternative To Trello For Task Management

Basecamp - Alternative

Basecamp is another stalwart of the task management industry having launched all the way back in 1999!

Unlike Trello however it offers more than just a Kanban board or calendar view and instead looks to incorporate a variety of tools and processes to make managing your team easier.

This includes the ability to create to-do lists, collaborate on message boards, create schedules and manage files and documents. As a result it is an ideal Trello alternative to teams who need to bring more structure to their work environment and have larger or more complex projects to manage. This isn’t the only ther alternative system that you can use for managing your files and documents. There are other systems out there as well that can help you with these sort of things. If you are interested in finding out more, then you can check out this site here (

One difference compared to Trello where Basecamp does come in at a disadvantage is on the lack of a free tier. While they do offer a $30 day trial, even small teams will need to pay to maintain access. Basecamp’s paid plan starts at $99 per month, regardless of team size.

Another Trello Alternative Is Notion

Notion is a newer, emerging alternative to Trello, that has recently received some positive news coverage about investors looking to back the company.

It is similar to Trello in that it offers a board based view of your tasks, but comes with the added benefit of supporting tables and a calendar view (Note: a Calendar view is available in Trello via one of their power ups).

It also presents as a compelling alternative to Trello companies looking for a complete solution for managing their work environment. Much like Basecamp, Notion offers additional features such as a team wiki and the ability to create and manage documents.

From a purely task management perspective Notion is similar to Trello in that it offers a clean user interface but comes with the advantage of having a more modern look and feel.

To top it off Notion also provides a free tier with their paid plans for teams starting at $8 per user, per month., A Trello Alternative For Managing Tasks

If you are looking for an alternative to Trello primarily because of the dull user interface offered then Monday could offer the solution you are looking for.

Previously called Dapulse, Monday provides a visually appealing dashboard with a variety of views, including a table view, timeline view and calendar, to track and manage your tasks. As a result it offers more flexibility than Trello without compromising on usability.

Some other interesting features of Monday include the ability to add custom columns to tables, pre-made templates that you can use to help get you started and the ability to easily track the progress of tasks.

Unfortunately Monday isn’t a free alternative to Trello. It does come at a cost with the tool only available for free on a 14 day trial. After that pricing starts at around $30 per month for a team of 5 users.

If you are looking for more alternatives we have detailed them here.

Asana Is Another Free Alternative To Trello

Asana is a project and task management tool with the ability to display tasks in a variety of ways, including on Kanban Boards, as lists and across project timelines. As a result it is also a strong contender as an alternative to Trello.

Unlike Trello, Asana also supports the ability to create “templates” for repeatable tasks that can be useful for organisations or teams that have repetitive work or tasks that need to be completed.

As a well funded company Asana has also focused on building out natively integrations and offers the ability to connect with 100+ tools including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Hundreds of thousands of businesses use Microsoft Teams so connecting your phone to Teams as well as being able to integrate it through Asana is extremely helpful to your business’ productivity.

Finally, Asana also compares to Trello with the ability to access a free tier with basic features for teams of up to 15. Their paid plan includes additional features such as the timeline view and task dependencies and starts at $9.99 per user, per month when billed annually.

We have also detailed our favorite alternatives to Asana here.

Clickup A Comprehensive Alternative To Trello

Clickup is another more recent addition to the task management space and is also a viable alternative to Trello.

Essentially, Clickup is a project management tool that offers three primary views for displaying your tasks; the box view, the timeline view and kanban boards. As a result if you are looking for an alternative Kanban board solution, Clickup may suit.

Clickup also has advanced features for creating new tasks, with sub-tasks and assigning comments all supported within the application. Clickup also supports gantt charts and project timelines, as well as task dependencies that are ideal for larger or more complex projects.

Finally, like Trello, Clickup also offers a free tier which includes free storage of 100mb. After that the paid plan for Clickup starts at $5 per user, per month when billed annually in advance.

If you are looking for more task management tools to consider we detailed alternatives to Clickup in this post.

Freedcamp, Yet Another Alternative To Trello

The final alternative to Trello we are going to look at is Freedcamp. Freedcamp is a team collaboration tool that supports task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts and therefore is similar to a number of other tools we have detailed above.

Freedcamp also have a number of other more unique features that may suit certain businesses and industries. These include CRM functionality, project timelines and invoices.

Finally, one other area where Freedcamp is different to Trello is with their social wall feature and discussion boards which help to centralize team communication.

As an alternative to Trello its good to know that Freedcamp does provide a free tier with reduced functionality. Their paid plan starts at $1.49 per month for the “minimalist” tier. For business users their plan is $7.49 per user, per month when paid annually in advance.


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