Three Things I Am Struggling With As A Founder

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When I started this blog I promised transparency.

I promised to write about what went right, and what went wrong.

Now that I am a few weeks into the public journey of Task Pigeon it’s to see why some startup founders shy away from having a public profile.

It’s damn hard to write about what’s not working. It makes you confront your fears, question what you are doing and figure out your next steps while sharing your story with the world.

Only Attracting Small Teams

Three Things I Am Struggling With As A Founder - Small Teams

The good news is that we are getting users signing up to Task Pigeon. And more importantly, there is a distinct difference in how they are using the platform compared to the beta. They are

  • Logging in more
  • Creating more tasks
  • Coming back to complete tasks
  • And updating their profile

However, at the moment, we seem to be heavily swayed towards one or two man teams. While we love all our users, I need to do more work to understand how we can appeal to teams, and/or get these individual members to invite people they work with.

My key initiatives in this area include continuing to evolve the product to make sure it provides a better match for what teams are looking for, ongoing improvement and revision of paid advertising campaigns and increasing the depth and breadth of the content we produce to appeal to managers in SME’s.

Content Marketing

Three Things I Am Struggling With As A Founder - Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been one of the core strategies I wanted to pursue with Task Pigeon. This is so important for businesses these days, whether they are looking to create video content, blog posts, or run social media accounts because the more you can get your name out there, the more chance you have of people finding you and coming to you for business.

I appreciate that it can take time to create a large enough following to drive real business, but it is better to start today, instead of six months from now.

What is proving more challenging is finding guest posting opportunities. I have written for a large number of publications in the past including:

But it is hard to expand your reach beyond the networks you already know (even if you already have a few successful articles you can point to).

So far the content creation hasn’t been the problem. It’s finding publications that get back to you in a timely manner. I don’t have weeks to wait for a response from a publication to know if the article is going to go live. As a result I am going to leverage the existing networks I have better to uncover opportunities with a quicker turnover. Maybe, I could opt for something like getting in touch with a digital marketing firm (like iTonic), which might offer services like Pay Per Click for the content I write.


Three Things I Am Struggling With As A Founder - Time

Finally, and perhaps most importantly I struggle with time. There are a billion things to do in the day and I have to balance what I need to work on today, with what can be left till tomorrow. I might have to start looking for a professional agency who could help me out with content if time continues to run away with me and I can’t keep things balanced, as content writing is one of those tasks that can be easily outsourced.

In a strange way, this is what I love about being an Entrepreneur. The ongoing struggle of getting things done. It’s what excites me most about this journey. That, and hopefully creating a product people love.

I know this is something that no one can really solve. There is never going to be enough time in the day. But I still think it is something we can get better at in time. In fact I have recently written an article outlining some time management skills I believe are important.

I think I priortise tasks well at the moment, but I need to work better on getting that bottom 20% of things crossed off the list, and not continually push them back.

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