Time Fly’s When You Are Having Fun – The February & March 2018 Monthly Reports

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It’s crazy how fast time goes by. I can’t believe we are sitting in April 2018 already!

For those who keep track of Task Pigeon, you know that I like to prepare a monthly report and share my traffic numbers, revenue, expenditure, etc.

February came and went though, then so too March, and before I knew it I was a month behind in my reports. A lot has been happening! Plenty of conversations with investors and lots of work on sales and marketing.

A lot of thought has gone in to how we can improve our traffic. I mean it’s safe to say that we are doing pretty well, but we are always open to suggestions. We have seen a lot of people getting more traffic from successful social media platforms, and we did look at using Instagram to help us with this. We considered using an organic growth service like Nitreo to boost our numbers but then we felt like our traffic was going up nicely without the help of Instagram. But it certainly didn’t hurt us to consider it, particularly as so many other people have benefited from it!

So to play catch up I am combining February and March 2018 into this one post. Let’s dive in and see what has been happening.

Task Pigeon – Web Traffic – February & March 2018

Task Pigeon February 2018 Website Traffic

Web traffic in February showed some solid growth after coming out of the post-Christmas/holiday period we see in January.

Page views were back up over 2,000 and unique page views were also up a healthy 15.84% even though we had a shorter month.

Task Pigeon March 2018 Web Traffic

March however saw us dip back down below the 2,000 pageview mark which wasn’t ideal. I will be writing a blog post shortly about the lessons I have learned when outsourcing SEO work to a company like Hooked Marketing, so this remains a key priority for me and Task Pigeon.

Task Pigeon – Blog Traffic – February & March 2018

Task Pigeon February 2018 Blog Traffic

Blog traffic also had a solid month in February. Rebounding back from the lower traffic levels in January we saw our blog posts generate over 3,500 pageviews, an increase of 53.63%.

The average time on page also saw a solid increase and almost hit 4 minutes, highlighting that a decent portion of our content is getting read.

Task Pigeon March 2018 Blog Traffic

March continued the trend and saw blog traffic increase by a further 20%. Consistent blogging has been a key to our marketing strategy since day one. I have fallen a little behind in April, especially with these transparency posts, but we will have a big push to finish the month. I understand how important it is to get traffic to your blog – and I also understand that it can be tough for some people particularly at the start (if you are starting out then perhaps you should check out something like Australian Unwrapped – How to get Traffic to your Blog to help you out). But although I’ve been slacking recently, I’ve very pleased with how things how turned out for Task Pigeon.

Task Pigeon – Revenue – February & March 2018

Task Pigeon February 2018 Revenue

Revenue remained constant in February 2018. The one extra $27 payment compared to the March period was due to a test payment we made.

Task Pigeon March 2018 Revenue

Revenue also remained consistent in March 2018.

In March however we did also release Marketplace by Task Pigeon. We have had a number of great conversations with our users and see this as a strong point of difference for Task Pigeon. To date we have had one $50 order, for which we take a 20% commission or $10 USD.

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Task Pigeon – Expenditure – February & March 2018

Task Pigeon - February 2018 - Expenditure

In February expenditure came in at $1,111. With the income received this led to a burn rate of around $800 AUD.

Task Pigeon - March 2018 - Expenditure

March saw a reduction in expenditure, down to only $723, less income received this led to a burn rate of less than $500 for the month.

Task Pigeon – Monthly Active Users – February & March 2018

Task Pigeon Monthly Active Users - February and March 2018

Since the start of the year we have done a lot of work to clean up and improve the metrics we track. As a result we cannot make a 100% like for like comparison to January, where there was 96 MAUs for Task Pigeon.

Between February and March however we did see an increase from 77 to 88 MAU’s although they did perform a smaller number of actions between them.

Task Pigeon Sign Ups February and March 2018

What is pleasing to see however is consistent growth over the last 5 weeks in the number of new sign ups. This has been increasing at a steady rate, and in the week ending April 1 we had 23 new sign ups, compared to 10 in the first week of February.

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It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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