How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager

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When you take on a role within a company, chances are that you have some idea or ambition on how you will move through the organisation.

Do you see yourself sticking with the role long-term?

Using it as a stepping stone to grow before moving elsewhere?

Or perhaps staying put and climbing through the ranks?

If you do see your position within the company changing, then perhaps you will be concerned about how you can make the transition from employee to manager.

To help you along the way, we have put together our guide to making this move and ensuring it is as easy as possible for you. It may also be time to adopt a task management tool for managing your team.

When is the right time to step up into a management role?

How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager - Step Up

There isn’t really any set time frame that you should aim for when it comes to changing from an employee to a manager. Instead, you should judge your readiness by how you feel and how you are performing within your role.

Someone who is ready to step into a management role will be able to offer solutions that will benefit the company. They will have a great work ethic, able to not only look smart but work smart too. You will also already be showing the ability to delegate and lead other colleagues.

How to get yourself in the right place for a promotion

How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager - Right Place For Promotion

If you think that you are ready for a promotion, then perhaps it is time to get yourself in the right place for one. You need to be able to show your employer what you can offer. Make sure that they know that you are able to do a great job and the skills that you have. Be a key part of the team and seek out new skills that are going to help you to grow. Consider negotiation training programmes that deliver powerful results with proven ROI, so that your boss can see for himself that you’ve got what it takes!

Even better, if you can ask someone within the company to be a mentor, a fellow manager preferably, as they can show you everything that you need to know. Your management style can also affect productivity within the team.

What is so different about being a manager and being an employee?

How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager - Difference between Manager and Employee

Being an employee isn’t always easy, particularly if you care about the work that you do. However, that responsibility grows when you become a manager.

Not only do you need to think about your own work, but also the work that your team carry out too. After all, you are in charge of what they do.

You also need to think about their development and their own journey within the company, nurturing them and making sure that they have all the opportunities that they need.

Do you look outside your company?

How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager - Look outside your company

You may wonder whether it is easier to be promoted within a company or start afresh as a manager somewhere else. It really does depend on the company that you work within.

If they take a positive approach to promotion and career growth, then maybe you should just stay within that company.

However, if you feel that you will not be able to grow, or that the staff who have gone from being your colleagues to being managed by you, would find it hard to accept. Then maybe it is time to move on to something new.

Becoming a manager isn’t the end. Now is the time to step up!

How To Make The Transition From Employee To Manager - Put Yourself In The Right Place

If you do become a manager and secure your promotion, then the hard work is just beginning. You will need to step up and prove that you are worthy of being awarded this promotion.

Show your employers that you can do the job and that they should never regret their decision and you will be on your way to becoming a highly valued manager within your company.

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