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Task Pigeon – A Transparent Startup

Five Lessons For The First Time You Pitch Your Startup - Task Pigeon
Paul Towers, Founder & CEO of Transparent Startup Task Pigeon

The Transparent Startup Project


My name is Paul Towers and I am a 3x Entrepreneur and the Founder of transparent startup Task Pigeon.

I chose to build a transparent startup after being inspired by Founders like Alex Turnbull (Groove HQ), Joel Gascoigne (Buffer) and Josh Pigford (Baremetrics).

What I am trying to do differently however is share everything. The up’s, the down’s, the in’s and out’s from day one.

In particular, I write about what went right, what went wrong, the lessons I learnt along the way and how I would do things different.

I also share all internal revenue, expenditure, website traffic and user statistics on a monthly basis.

I hope you find value in following my journey.


Paul Towers

Why Build A Transparent Startup?

One of the very first questions I often get asked when I talk about my startup, is why I chose to adopt a position of transparency.

It’s a valid question and one that can have a lot of different answers, but at its core I believe too many startup stories are written after the fact. That is to say, history is written by the winners and no one wants to paint an ugly picture. As a result when a startup founder finally “makes it” and they sit down for an interview or give a presentation its easy to gloss over some of the cracks.

With this transparent startup project there is no opportunity for that. I am documenting my startups journey from day one. You can go back and read any post at any time and see what I was thinking or struggling with at that particular moment.

It truly has been a valuable experience. Both for my own self development and for connecting me with other people in the startup ecosystem who can relate to what I am going through.

If you are thinking of adopting a model of transparency with your startup feel free to reach out as I would love to connect with other like minded founders.

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