The Ultimate List of Online Landing Page Builders, With Recommendations & Reviews

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Landing pages can be an effective tool in any marketers tool belt. A great landing page can be used to sell a new product/service, capture leads for an eBook, promote an upcoming webinar or help register attendees for an event as long as it looks good. If you’re an e-commerce site then you want your landing page to show off how nice your product looks. You’ll need a good picture of your product (check out this Product photography guide if you’re not sure how to do that) to make it stand out and then the people viewing the page will be more likely to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

But it seems like there are endless landing page software tools on the market. And knowing where to start can be hard!

To help cut down on the confusion we have reviewed them all! Yes, we literally went through every landing page tool, builder and software application we have used (and could find) to put together the ultimate guide on landing page builders, so that you can focus on establishing your FIFO inventory management.

For every landing page tool we could find we have provided:

  • An overview of the landing page software
  • Details on their pricing
  • A list of pro’s and con’s
  • Our “quick recommendation”
  • And a ranking out of five based on price, feature set and an overall recommendation ranking.

In addition, we have also broken down our reviews to cover:

  • The best landing page specific page builders
  • The best WordPress Plugins that can create landing pages
  • Other website/page builders with landing page functionality

These reviews are all based on the tools ability to act as an effective landing page and lead capture tool. As a result we are not judging features such as eCommerce functionality or the ability to write a blog post that are included in some of the tools covered. When it comes to creating e-commerce websites functionality is often explored in great depth since user experience is an important part of any website. Many users of eCommerce websites such as Shopify often view storefronts or websites from portable mobile devices. Having a good landing page could aid in promoting the user experience making your website more accessible to other customers. You may want to click here to see what a professional web designer would do with a landing page, it might give you some ideas to get started.

And finally, at the end of this post we provide our top recommendation for each category, as well as a runner up or budget friendly option.

Landing page Specific Page Builders

Instapage – Landing Page Software Review

Instapage - Landing Page Builder - Image 1

Instapage provides Startups, SME’s and marketing teams with the ability to “create stunning, on-brand, message-matched, and mobilze-optimized landing pages in minutes” all without the need of a software developer.

Instapages makes the creation of a landing page easy with the ability to start with one of their 200 conversion tested templates as your base. Alternatively you can choose to start from scratch and build something 100% unique on your own.

In addition to templates Instapage provides Global “Instablocks” which allow you to create, save and reuse items such as headers, footers and testimonial blocks across multiple pages, instead of having to duplicate each of these fields manually.

Finally, no landing page builder would be complete without providing access to numerous integrations. Instapage has you covered and allows you to integrate with a host of analytics, CRM, email marketing and live chat based tools.

Instapage pricing starts at $79 with their “Core” package. This provides access to all of their core features including the mobile responsive builder, Instablocks and 40+ integrations.

If you want to unlock A/B testing, Heatmaps and dynamic text replacement then their Optimizer package provides those options from $129 when billed monthly. Instapage also have plans available for teams and agencies, as well as enterprise clients.

Quick Recommendation:

Instapage is a well thought out landing page creation tool. It is priced at the mid-level range and would suit more established startups or businesses who have a need to create multiple landing pages regularly. The main let down of their service offering is that the A/B testing and heatmaps requires you to sign up for their Optimizer tier which starts at $129 when billed monthly.

Instapage Pro’s:

  • SSL Certificates are included.
  • 200+ templates and the ability to replicate content across pages using their “Instablocks” feature.
  • 40+ integrations included

Instapage Con’s:

  • A/B testing, dynamic text and heatmaps are only available in the more expensive tiers.

Instapage Ratings:

Pricing = 3.5/5
Features = 4/5
Overall Recommendation = 4/5

Kickoff Labs – Landing Page Software Review

Kickoff Labs - Landing Page Software Builder - Image 1

Kickoff Labs is a landing page builder with a particular focus on helping you turn sign ups into a viral / referral loop for your business. As a result, Kickoff Labs goes beyond just the landing page itself and makes it easy to set up refer a friend style giveaways, sweepstake competitions and wait list style rewards.

The core landing page builder provided by Kickoff Labs offers of 60 landing page templates to start with. In particular, they have pre-designed templates that can be used for:

  • Launching and coming soon pages
  • Referral contents
  • Lead generation
  • Webinar registrations
  • Simple surveys
  • Sales pages
  • And much more

Kickoff Labs also helps take the guess work out to determining what text or image works best with built in A/B split testing. In addition to testing two variations you can set Kickoff Labs to automatically determine the winner based on traffic and conversion rates and then only serve up that version so you don’t miss out on any potential leads.

Kickoff Labs has three pricing tiers, Premium, Business and Enterprise. Each plan provides a risk free 30 day trial, although you do need to enter your credit card details to access it.

The Premium plan starts at $79 per month and covers you for up to 20,000 unique visitors per month across a maximum of 5 campaigns.

The business tier kicks in above 20,000 monthly uniques and covers you up until 100,000 visitors. It also allows you to run 10 campaigns and have 5 sub accounts for the various teams in your company.

The business tier also allows for Facebook sign ups, custom contest scoring, reward level emails, influencer emails and the ability to integrate with other tools such as Infusion Soft and Convert Kit. The business tier starts at $149 per month.

Quick Recommendation:

Kickoff Labs is an easy to use landing page creation tool despite the fact that it has a smaller number of templates compared to their competitors. Also, despite being similarly priced to other solutions, Kickoff Labs does not provide Dynamic Text insertion, but instead focuses on tools to create viral loops and referrals. As a result it appears more suited to startups or companies looking to launch new products/services, rather companies looking to create unique landing pages for large product sets.

Kickoff Lab Pro’s:

  • The referral features and viral loop tools may be of interest to new or early stage startups.
  • A/B Testing is available on their $79 per month plan.

Kickoff Lab Con’s:

  • The number of pages/campaigns you can create is capped in each plan.
  • To really make sure of some of the referral and viral loop features, such as automated sending of reward emails you need to upgrade to their $149 per month plan.
  • The plans have caps for the number of unique visitors which may not suit larger organisations.

Kickoff Lab Ratings:

Pricing = 3.5 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall Recommendation = 3.5 / 5

Lander – Landing Page Software Review

Lander - Landing Page Software Review - Image 1

Lander bills itself as “the world’s leading paging page creator” and has over 100 templates to help get your website or landing page up and running.

Like Kickoff Labs, Lander also focused on their ability to optimize your website conversions with a built in A/B testing tool that allows you to test your copy, images, calls-to-action, colors and more.

Lander also supports Dynamic Text Replacement which is handy for companies utilizing PPC advertising. With Dynamic Text Replacement you can match your PPC’s ad keywords dynamically with your PPC ad’s landing page. It works by using Adword’s Dynamic Keyword Insertion tool.

Lander also supports a number of integrations, with a particular focus on email tools such as Mailchimp and AWeber, as well as CRM’s and analytics tools.

Pricing for Lander starts at $49 per month but you can secure a hefty discount if you pay a year in advance. If you choose the annual option the price per month drops to $16 per month. This is for their basic plan where you get access to:

  • 3k visitors per month (5k on the annual plan)
  • 1 custom domain
  • SSL encryption
  • A/B Testing
  • And more

However, if you want to take advantage of the Dynamic Text Replacement or integrations then you have to look at the Professional Plan which is $99 per month.

Quick Recommendation:

Lander initially appears to be one of the more affordable, landing page focused, options on the market until you notice the unique visitor caps which are overly restrictive. For example on the $49 per month plan you are only allowed 3,000 unique visitors per month. For small startups this may not be a problem, but it is not an overly generous allowance by any stretch of the imagination. On the plus side this lower price point does allow for A/B testing.

Lander Pro’s:

  • Lower price point (if you don’t hit the unique visitor limits) which may appear to smaller startups/companies.
  • A/B testing is included in the lower priced plan.
  • You can save an unusually large amount of money if you opt for the annual plan. The equivalent price per month drops from $49 to $16 per month.

Lander Con’s:

  • The caps on the number of unique visitors is restrictive.
  • To unlock the ability to add custom code you need to upgrade to the $99 per month plan.
  • Dynamic text placement is only available on the $199 per month plan.

Lander Ratings:

Pricing = 3.5 / 5 (due to the cap on visitor limits)

Features = 3 / 5 (due to the need to upgrade to $99 plan for custom coding)

Overall Recommendation = 3 / 5

Leadpages – Landing Page Software Review

Leadpages - Landing Page Software Review - Image 1

Leadpages started life as a landing page tool but has since then built out its offerings to provide a much more rounded digital marketing experience.

It all starts with the landing pages which allow you to create a funnel for your leads to engage with. The examples are mobile friendly by default, easily customizable and also support an in-built payment function.

But creating a landing page is one thing, driving traffic to it is another. That’s why Leadpages has built out an easy to use ad creation platform that allows you to build ads, place pixels and reach the right people with their Facebook ad builder.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your ad spend Leadpages then provide A/B testing tools so that you can fine tune your campaigns and determine what design or call to action is working best.

Finally, Leadpages also supports all of the usual integrations and even has a simple WordPress Plugin that allows you to publish and of your lead generation pages directly to your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

When it comes to pricing Leadpages starts at $37 on the monthly plan. That provides access to 160+ free templates and allows you to drive unlimited traffic to your website. Unfortunately the lower priced tier does not support A/B testing. To unlock that feature, along with things like popup forms and payments you need to upgrade to the $79 per month Pro option.

Quick Recommendation

Leadpages provides the best balance between pricing and features for people looking for a landing page specific solution. On a monthly basis their paid plan starts at $37 per month and that included unlimited pages, unlimited traffic and unlimited leads, making it one of, if not the most, well priced offerings. Even if you want to unlock additional features such as A/B testing or the ability to take payments at checkout the price is only $79 per month making it comparable to some of the less feature rich tiers of other landing page builders.

Leadpages Pro’s:

  • No limits on campaigns, traffic or leads
  • 160+ templates and 40+ integrations.
  • One of the cheaper landing page specific tools on the market.
  • Ability to process payments which makes Leadpages ideal for pre-launch sale campaigns and events.

Leadpages Con’s:

  • Not as strong a focus on creating referral loops as other tools such as Kickoff Labs.

Leadpages Rating:

Pricing = 4.25 / 5

Features = 4.25 / 5

Overall Recommendation Score = 4.25 / 5

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Pagewize - Landing page Software - Image 1

Pagewiz aims to help you create high converting landing pages with ease and they count a number of internationally recognized companies, such as 3M, Zara, Phillips, Avis and Chevrolet, amongst their customer base.

Pagewiz provides a host of professional designed looking templates that you can use to get started. Their What You See Is What You Get drag and drop tool then makes it ease to move elements around or add additional sections to get the look and feel just right.

Once it is created Pagewiz has built in A/B Testing Automation to test several versions of your page at any one time. To perform A/B testing is also super easy and can be accomplished in just three clicks.

Pagewiz also provides a simple to understand pricing structure where you get ever feature (bar white-labeled email lead notifications) on even the cheapest plan which starts at $29 per month. This plan allows for 5,000 unique visitors and 2 custom domains. If you need to allow for a large amount of traffic then the standard plan kicks in at $49 per month and allows for 10,000 unique visitors.

Quick Recommendation:

PageWiz is another affording landing page creation tool that has a well priced paid tier that starts at $29 per month. For that you get everything you need including unlimited landing pages, unlimited domains and email integrations. In fact the only difference between each of their plans is the number of custom domains you can use and the number of unique visitors you can have to your site, the limit of which is at least more generous than kickoff labs.

Pagewiz Pro’s:

  • All tools/features are available on all of their paid plans
  • You can get access to A/B testing on their cheapest plan which starts at $29 per month.
  • One of the more affordable landing page specific tools on the market.

Pagewiz Con’s:

  • They price based on the number of unique visitors which may or may not be an issue for some.
  • Their templates look a little more “basic” than some other providers on first glance.

Pagewiz Recommendations:

Pricing = 4 / 5

Features = 4.25 / 5

Overall Recommendation = 4 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Unbounce

Like Leadpages, Unbounce started out life solely as a landing page creation tool. It is now focused on being the “conversion platform for marketers” and claims to be the “easiest way to build and test custom landing pages, website popups and sticky bars”.

Unbounce provides access to over 100+ conversion focused templates that were created after analyzing 64,000 landing pages for industry best practice. In another plus, Unbounce also provides automatic SSL encryption which is becoming increasingly important as Google looks to clamp down on unsecured sites appearing in search results.

Like most other provides Unbounce provides A/B testing and the ability to drag and drop elements around the page. All templates are of course mobile responsive by design.

Unbounce prices based on the number of pages you wish to create, rather than traffic, and their essential plan which starts at $99 per month allows you to create 75 landing pages and 8 pop ups / sticky bars, which should be more than enough to get started.

Quick Recommendation:

Unbounce is at the upper end for pricing when it comes to landing page specific tools with pricing starting at $99 on a monthly basis. That does however let you create 75 landing pages and have unlimited visitors which should be more than enough for almost any company. It also includes A/B testing, SSL encryption and dynamic text placement. All in all Unbounce is a premium offering with premium features and on the balanced is well priced for what it offers.

Unbounce Pro’s:

  • Large number of campaigns can be run (75) which should suit almost every company.
  • A/B testing, dynamic text placement and SSL encryption all provided on their entry level pricing package.

Unbounce Con’s:

  • The pricing structure means that it won’t suit or isn’t ideal for all companies, especially smaller startups with 1 or 2 landing pages and limited traffic needs.

Unbounce Ratings:

Pricing = 3.5 / 5

Features = 4 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Landingi

Landingi Landing Page Software - Image 1

Landingi is the Landing Page Builder for Non-Programmers. Landingi provides a drag and drop editor and more than 100+ templates for you to start from. They also provide access to an Icon library and a large range of 800+ Google Fonts to get the design of your site just right.

In addition you can duplicate existing landing pages you have created in a single click, making it easy to chop, change and try new things without disturbing the current version you already know works right.

Landingi also has a strong focus on lead management. It provides an easy to use dashboard to scroll through and view the information you have collected from your visitors and with a single click you can export all of the leads into a CSV file of Google sheet. Landingi also includes a host of other integrations with tools such as MailChimp, Hubspot, SalesForce and more.

Landingi starts at $39 per month when paying monthly and allows you to create unlimited landing pages, and have unlimited visitors. The main thing you miss on the lower tier is the integration to CRM and marketing automation tools as well as the ability to do A/B testing.

Quick Recommendation:

Landingi is one of the lower priced landing page creation tools on the market and allows you to create unlimited campaigns and have unlimited visitors. It also allows unlimited users and unlimited domains making it a very cost effective landing page creation tool. While their lower plan does not include A/B testing this is available on their $69 per month tier, making it comparable to other offerings on the market.

Landingi Pro’s:

  • Well priced with uncapped visitor and lead limits makes it a cost effective tool with a good range of features.
  • Ability to use unlimited domains also makes Landingi an attractive offering for people/brands with multiple URLs.

Landingi Con’s:

  • No dynamic text placement, even on the upper tiers, making it unsuitable as a landing page generation tool for PPC adword campaigns.

Landingi Ratings

Pricing = 3.5 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Wishpond

Wishpond Landing Page Software Review - Image1

Wishpond wants to help you “turn traffic into sales with the world’s easiest landing page builder” and comes with 100+ mobile responsive templates for you to start working with.

Wishpond uses a column based system to ensure that even if you don’t have an eye for design or detail you won’t go wrong. But making sure everything fits into “columns” much like the HTML/CSS framework Bootstrap you will ensure that your page is always mobile responsive.

Like most other landing page creators Wishpond also provides A/B testing that allows you to test as many different variations as you like with real time analytics provided to help you make the right decision on what copy, image to call to action to use.

Wishpond also comes with 300+ integrations available into popular tools and services such as ActiveCampaign, Awever, Mailchimp, SurveyMoney, GoToWebinar, InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Zapier and Slack.

Unlike a lot of other providers Wishpond only has an annual billing option. Their entry package is $49 per month, but is billed annually, so at a minimum you are up for $588. You do however have access to a 14 day free trial.

This entry level tier provides unlimited landing pages, social contents and popups, and also allows for email drip campaigns and marketing automation but is limited to a maximum of 1,000 leads.

The “Everything You Need” packages jumps to $99 per month, billed annually, so a minimum spend of $1,188 and allows for A/B testing, API access and a maximum of 2,500 leads.

Quick Recommendation:

Wishpond initially appears to be a mid priced landing page tool, however the lack of ability to pay on a monthly basis immediately makes this a more expensive proposition. On the positive side you are allowed to create unlimited landing pages but there is then a cap of 1,000 leads. All in all, compared to other offerings Wishpond’s pricing structure seems unnecessarily restrictive compared to most.

Wishpond Pro’s:

  • Ability to create unlimited landing pages.
  • Additional lead generation tools such as social contents and pop ups are also included.

Wishpond Con’s:

  • Limit on the number of leads you can collect on each pricing package.
  • Lack of ability to pay monthly increases the upfront cost.

Wishpond Ratings

Pricing = 2.5 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – LaunchRock

landing page software review launchrock image 3

LaunchRock is a landing page builder dedicated to early customer acquisition. It comes with a modern WYSIWYG drag and drop style builder, while also providing the ability to use custom blocks of HTML.

LaunchRock also goes beyond just capturing emails and provides an eCommerce option for pre-sale campaigns that you may choose to run prior to launching your product or service.

Like most other landing page tools LaunchRock provides a host of templates to work from and breaks these down into various categories such as classic, retail, SaaS, mobile and product.

Where LaunchRock’s own site falls short however is being transparent with the pricing. There is no link clear link that shows how much LaunchRock costs. Some Googling did however return a review site that points out that there is a free plan that provides a LaunchRock subdomain and the LaunchRock icon Tool. To remove that and to have the ability to use custom HTML and CSS then the professional plans start from $5 per month.

Quick Recommendation

LaunchRock is an affordable landing page tool that nails the basics and provides an easy to use solution at a rock bottom price. While they lack pricing transparency on their home page, reviews show that their professional plans start from $5 per month. On top of that if you run events or want to pre-sell your product/service then LaunchRock has eCommerce functionality that allows you to do just that.

LaunchRock Pro’s:

  • Very affordable with paid plans starting at just $5 per month.
  • Built in eCommerce functionality to pre-sale products/services or it could also be used for events.

LaunchRock Con’s:

  • Lack of transparency on their pricing page is frustrating.
  • LaunchRock doesn’t offer A/B testing or dynamic text placement and instead appears to be more focused on startups looking to get started and who just want to build some brand awareness.

LaunchRock Ratings

Pricing = 4.5 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Mailchimp Landing Pages

MailChimp is perhaps best known for their email marketing tool. Recently however they have focused on “closing the loop” and are becoming a full suite of marketing related tools. One of their more recent offerings is their landing page builder.

Like most other landing page creators, MailChimp offers a drag and drop environment that allows you to create landing pages quickly and easily, all without the need for a designer or developer.

Mailchimp does not however provide hundreds of templates to choose from, in fact they only offer 2 which act as a base for your to build upon and customize.

One of the biggest benefits is of course how seamlessly it can integrate with the Mailchimp email marketing tools, making it easy for you to take the leads you do capture and put them into an email marketing funnel.

Whats more the landing page tool is completely free. It’s just part of your existing Mailchimp subscription.

Quick Recommendation

If you already use MailChimp for your email marketing then their landing page tool is a no brainer. It’s already included free of charge in your Mailchimp account. What it lacks in specific landing page tools, such as A/B testing or dynamic text placement it more than makes up for with its familiar interface and ability to link seamlessly into your email marketing campaigns. Plus, even if you don’t have a Mailchimp account you can get one for $10 per month making it extremely cost effective.

Mailchimp Landing Page Pro’s:

  • It’s already included in your Mailchimp account and even if you don’t have any existing account is dirty cheap to open one.
  • Mailchimp is a large and established company who has recently added landing pages to their product suite. I would be confident in saying that they will continue to add features over the coming months.
  • It integrates great with the Mailchimp email tools (obviously).

Mailchimp Landing Page Con’s:

  • If you are already using another email marketing tool the “switching cost” may be too high in terms of time and hassle.
  • It doesn’t provide the full suite of tools other landing page specific software provides.

Mailchimp Landing Page Ratings

Pricing = 5 / 5

Features = 3 / 5

Overall recommendation = 4 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Hubspot Landing Pages


Hubspot is a premium content management and marketing solution that looks to manage the entire user life-cycle from initial engagement through to lead generation and close. As a result their tool is pitched as a premium offering and commands a similar price point.

To access the landing page creator provided by Hubspot you are looking at a signing up for their basic plan at a minimum which is $200 per month. This is also billed annually so at a minimum you will be coughing up $1,400.

The Hubspot Landing page builder allows you to select from their pre-built, mobile optimized templates or you can create your own from scratch. One of their stand out features however is their ability to personalize content, CTA’s and forms for each and every visitor that comes to your page.

For example you can Dynamically show different content based on a visitor’s location, source, device, buying stage, or any other contact detail stored in your CRM.

As one would expect for such a high price point Hubspot does also support A/B Testing across all of the various elements on the page.

Quick Recommendation:

Hubspot is a premium tool that is geared towards mid-tier and enterprise clients. It is designed to work best with companies which utilize and integrate with the entire Hubspot product ecosystem. As such it won’t suit all companies and requires additional leg work to get up and running. Don’t think that you could sign up for Hubspot and get a landing page up and running in a few hours and get the absolute most out of the platform.

Hubspot Landing Page Pro’s:

  • For large scale companies it provides an end-to-end solution that lets you track and manage the entire journey of a customer/prospect.
  • You can personalise content, CTA’s and forms for each and every visitor but tapping into their contact information that is stored in the Hubspot CRM.

Hubspot Landing Page Con’s:

  • Requires a commitment to utilize the entire Hubspot suite of tools to get the most out of it.
  • Will be cost prohibitive for many smaller companies or startups and also requires an annual payment, rather than monthly subscription.

Hubspot Landing Page Ratings

Pricing = 2 / 5

Features = 5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 4 / 5

WordPress Plugins/Themes As Landing Pages

Landing Page Software Review – Optimize Press

Landing Page Software Review - Optimize Press

Optimize Press is a landing page builder that is the “new way to create high converting landing pages, sales pages and member portals. It is in fact a WordPress Plugin that allows you to build sales pages, landing pages, membership portals and complete launch funnels within your WordPress site.

Optimize Press works by providing a “live edit” that allows you to see the changes you make to your content and layout as you edit the page. This makes it easier to see how changes will actually appear to your users, as opposed to opening a new preview window and constantly hitting refresh.

Optimize Press provides 30 templates to choose from and you can click to edit anything on the page using the “element browser” to add additional functionality. There are more than 40 of these custom elements to add including headlines, order boxes, testimonial blocks, progress bars, countdown times, video and audio players and much more.

One of the more unique features of Optimize Press is its ability to be used as a way of creating a membership portal that allows buyers to securely access content within their own membership account.

Optimize Press is also available as a one time fee, rather than monthly ongoing SaaS subscription. The core package is available for a one off fee of $97 and allows you to build unlimited pages, collect unlimited leads and install the plugin on up to three sites.

If you create a lot of websites/landing pages then the Publish Tier is available for $197 and allows you to use the plugin on up to ten sites. It also unlocks additional features such as A/B testing, the advanced elements library, video backgrounds and more.

Quick Recommendation:

Optimize Press is a WordPress based plugin that makes it ideally suited to individuals or startups who are familiar with WordPress and/or already use it for the rest of their website. You can create unlimited sites, capture unlimited leads and don’t have to pay a monthly fee. In fact you can get a lifetime license for up to 3 sites for only $97. To unlock A/B testing you do however have to purchase their pro tier which is $197 for up to ten sites.

Optimize Press Pro’s:

  • Very cost effective when you compare it to monthly SaaS subscriptions and break it down on a cost per website basis.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages and capture unlimited leads.

Optimize Press Con’s:

  • If you are not familiar with WordPress or don’t already use WordPress then you may not find as much value in this tool.
  • Does not have the ability for dynamic text placement.

Optimize Press Ratings

Pricing = 4.25 / 5

Features = 3.25 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Thrive Architect

Landing Page Software Review - Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes “Architect” is another landing page tool built on WordPress. It allows you to turn your ideas into pages with the “fastest, truly visual editor for WordPress”. Like Optimize Press the Thrive Themes Architect plugin also allows you to “live edit” your page so that you can instantly see the changes you make, without having to preview or refresh the page.

There are more than 236 templates to choose from and Thrive Architect also includes a host of add ons including customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown times and lead generation forms that can integrate into your favorite email marketing tools.

Finally, as a WordPress plugin Thrive Architect is also available as a one off purchase rather than an ongoing monthly subscription. For a single site the cost is only $67 or you can buy a five pack license for $97.

Quick Recommendation:

For individuals or companies already using WordPress Thrive Architect is a low cost and feature packed tool that removes the need for ongoing monthly fees. You get access to a bunch of code blocks that make it easy to create a landing page for products, webinars, events and general lead capture. As a WordPress plugin though it does lack the ability to live A/B test. But for $67 for one site it is hard to go wrong.

Thrive Architect Pro’s:

  • Low cost, one off fee makes it extremely cost effective.
  • No limit on the number of pages you can create or leads you can capture.
  • 230+ templates to choose/start from.

Thrive Architect Con’s:

  • If you are not already using WordPress for your site it may not suite your needs.
  • Doesn’t provide A/B testing or dynamic text insertion capabilities.

Thrive Architect Ratings

Pricing = 4.25 / 5

Features = 3.25 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – WP Beaver Builder

Landing page software review - WP Beaver Builder

WP Beaver Builder is another WordPress Plugin that can be utilized to build high quality landing pages in a drag and drop style environment. Already, more than 500,000 websites have been built using WP Beaver Builder.

WP Beaver Builder comes with a stack of built in templates to start with and their own website does a create job of highlighting some of the real life examples that their customers have created.

As a WordPress plugin that can be used for building all sites, not just landing pages, it does however lack some of the more advanced features such as A/B testing and dynamic text. As an upside through it is available for a one off fee starting at $99 for a single site.

Quick Recommendation:

WP Beaver Builder is like Thrive Architect. It is available for a one off fee of $99 for a single site and suits individuals and teams who are building on top of WordPress. It is however more expensive than Thrive Architect and doesn’t appear to have any major feature differences. As a result your choice between the two would likely come down to budget or personal preference of their user interface.

WP Beaver Builder Pro’s:

  • Provided as a WordPress plugin that allows it to be purchased for a one off fee.
  • Drag and drop style page builder that can do much more than just create landing pages.

WP Beaver Builder Con’s:

  • Requires that you use WordPress as the underlying system for your website.
  • Doesn’t include advanced and landing page specific features such as A/B testing, dynamic text placement, etc.

WP Beaver Builder Ratings

Pricing = 3.75 / 5

Features = 3.25 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.5 / 5

Other Website Building Tools That Can Create Landing Pages

Landing Page Software Review – IM Creator

Landing Page Software Review - IM Creator

IM Creator is one of the lower cost offerings on the market. The company goes beyond just landing pages and allow you to build a website, eCommerce store or blog on their platform.

More than 11 million sites have been built on their platform and like their competitors they offer a “no-code” drag and drop style environment that makes it easy to get started even if you don’t know a single line of code.

IM Creator also has a completely free tier for students, artists and non-profits. This makes it an ideal option for people who want to test out the platform of for individuals/organisations who need to promote a social food or cause.

If you want to upgrade and get access to their premium features pricing starts at just $8 per month. If you want unlimited licenses or operate an agency then an annually license will set you back $350.

Quick Recommendation:

IM Creator is a broader website creation tool that can be used to build landing pages. As a result it does not have the more unique features that many of the other landing page creators provide such as A/B testing, referral loops or dynamic text placement. It is however significantly more affordable at only $8 per month and is a low cost option that may appeal to some users.

IM Creator Pro’s:

  • Low cost option that starts at only $8 per month.
  • Ability to go beyond just a landing page with the ability to create an ecommerce store or blog.

IM Creator Con’s:

  • Because IM creator is not a landing page specific website builder it lacks some of the more specialized features of other tools.
  • Their website was not immediately as intuitive to use.

IM Creator Ratings

Pricing = 4 / 5

Features = 2.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Ucraft

Landing Page Software Review - Ucraft

Ucraft allows you to create a free one page website in under ten minutes. The free plan does allow you to point a custom domain to your website but it will include a Ucraft logo/watermark.

To remove the watermark and to access some of their premium features such as integrations and support the price is $8 per month, increasing to $16 per month if you also want to run an eCommerce store.

Given the above its clear to see that Ucraft is a “lite” option when it comes to landing page creation. It is not their core focus and as such they don’t provide additional tools/services such as A/B testing or built in lead gen / referral style tools.

That said, if you just need to throw up a simple one page website to highlight a product, service or upcoming webinar it is certainly a cost effective option.

Quick Recommendation:

Ucraft is a website builder that can be used to create landing pages. As a result it does not include things such as A/B testing, referral loops or dynamic text insertion. It is however available from only $8 per month and may suit companies that don’t need built in tools to track and manage leads.

Ucraft Pro’s:

  • Low cost and available from only $8 per month.
  • Ability to build out a full website or eCommerce store.

Ucraft Con’s:

  • Is not specifically geared towards creating landing pages.
  • Lacks key functionality that you would find in landing page specific software.

Ucraft Ratings

Pricing = 4 / 5

Features = 3 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.25 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Leadsius

Leadsius Landing Page Software Review

Leadsius are focused on providing marketing automation tools for SMB’s. As a result a core part of their offering is a landing page builder that allows you to collect leads and then engage with them using Leadsius’s email marketing tools.

The landing page builder is straightforward to use but doesn’t come will all of the bells and whistles that you will find on some of the other tools listed above.

Where Leadsius does stand out however is providing an all in one environment to capture, engage with and monitor the engagement of your leads. Plus, if you have under 250 contacts you can access all of their features for free. Once you exceed the 250 contact limit then the pricing starts at $55 per month.

Quick Recommendation:

Leadsius is a complete marketing automation tool for SMB’s and includes a landing page builder as part of its offering. Leadsius’s landing page tool is straight toward to use but does not include advanced functions or features such as A/B testing and dynamic text placement. In its defense however it is complete free if you have 250 contacts or less.

Leadsius Pro’s:

  • Is completely free if you have 250 contacts or less.
  • Integrates with Leadsius’s wider email marketing tool set to provide an end-to-end email capture and engagement tool.

Leadsius Con’s:

  • Lacks many of the more landing page specific features other providers offer.
  • Pricing jumps pretty quick to $55 per month once you exceed the contact limit and then $90 per month once you hit 500 contacts.

Leadsius Ratings

Pricing = 3 / 5

Features = 3 / 5

Overall recommendation = 2.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Google Sites

Google Sites Landing Page Software Review - Image 1

Google Sites might be an unusual choice but the product has been revamped and now positions itself as the ideal place to “create engaging, high-quality sites for your team, project or event. The sites look great on every screen, from desktop to smartphone. All without learning design or programming”

Being Google there is natural built in functionality with Google Docs and Google Drive so that you can easily access and utilize your content. There is also a strong focus on the collaborative nature of G Suite, allow you and members of your team to seamlessly work on the landing page together.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest bonus of all, is that you probably already have access to Google Sites if you or your organisation uses G Suite for things like email, online storage of for Google Docs, etc. If not pricing starts at just $5 per user per month.

Quick Recommendation:

Google Sites may be seen as an unusual inclusion on the list but they have recently updated their Google Sites tool. It goes beyond just landing pages but seeing as it is already included in G Suite it may already be something you and your team have access to. Being a G Suite tool it also has a strong focus on collaboration so may suite teams where multiple people are working on a website at one time.

Google Sites Pro’s:

  • Including as part of G Suite and may already be available to you and your team.
  • Recently updated tool so it has a more modern look and feel compared to previous versions.

Google Sites Con’s:

  • Is not landing page specific software and therefore lacks features such as A/B testing and dynamic text placement.

Google Sites Ratings

Pricing = 4.75 / 5

Features = 3 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Software Review – Wix

Wix is an online website builder that can be used for a host of websites and eCommerce stores, including landing pages.

Wix provides a large number of templates across almost every imaginable category, including one page templates that are ideal for building landing pages. Their templates can then easily be edited with their built in drag and drop editor.

For those using their landing page to capture contact details or leads Wix also provides an all in one tool to track and manage these subscribers and contacts. Unlike other landing page specific providers they don’t however provide tools such as A/B testing or referral style growth tools.

However Wix is a very cost effective option for individuals and startups looking to create a landing page to market an event or product/service that is about to be launched. In fact their paid plans start at just $4.50 per month. You will however probably want to move to the $8.50 tier to move all Wix branding and ads.

Quick Recommendation

While Wix isn’t built specifically to create landing pages it is more than capable of doing so. Plus you can get a landing page up and running for only $8.50 per month. As a result this is a great low cost option for someone who doesn’t need more advanced tools such as A/B testing or viral loops. If however you are a business that is scaling fast then having a better alignment with your needs and the features available in other tools may tempt you to check out some other offerings.

Wix Pro’s:

  • Provides the ability to build out full website offerings if you choose.
  • Easy to test and trial to see if you like the look and feel of the tool.
  • Low monthly price.

Wix Con’s:

  • Wix isn’t a landing page specific tool, so it doesn’t include advanced features like A/B testing or referral loop mechanisms.
  • The entry level paid tier ($4.50 per month) still includes Wix ads so is largely irrelevant for any individual or business who wants their online presence to be taken seriously.

Wix Ratings

Pricing = 4.25 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Landing Page Review – Squarespace

Squarespace Landing Page software review

Squarespace is one of the best known website building platforms out there on the market. If you are a fan of podcasts then I am sure you have heard their ad at least 10 times or more. As a comprehensive website builder they do cover everything from landing pages, to eCommerce stores and blogs.

Squarespace do of course offer a large number of templates and an easy to use drag and drop editor. You can also start from scratch and use their content blocks to create the perfect layout for your website or landing page.

To help minimize the load time of your website Squarespace also ensure that all images are hosted on their CDN network that utilizes hundreds of geographically distributed servers.

With the form block in Squarespace it is easy to capture leads and integrate them with your favorite email marketing tool. Giving Squarespace is not a landing page specific tool however it does not support A/B testing or dynamic text insertion.

That said, the pricing is more attractive than most providers and starts at $16 per month.

Quick Recommendation:

Squarespace is a leading website builder that is suitable for creating entire websites, eCommerce stores, blogs and landing pages. While it is not specifically designed as a landing page tool it can easily perform the job and is cheaper than other landing page specific tools on the market. Like other non specific tools it does fall short with some of its advanced features that would help with optimizing lead conversion.

Squarespace Pro’s:

  • Well respected and maintained website builder.
  • Low cost, especially when compared to website landing page specific offerings.
  • Ability to integrate with all of the most popular email marketing tools.

Squarespace Con’s:

  • Not a specific landing page tool but can get the job done.

Squarespace Ratings

Pricing = 4.25 / 5

Features = 3.5 / 5

Overall recommendation = 3.75 / 5

Overall Recommendations

For a pure out of the box solution to your landing page needs, Leadpages would be our pick of the bunch. It packs the greatest “bang for your buck” and includes numerous tools and features such as A/B testing and dynamic text insertion at decent prices. It also doesn’t have any unnecessary caps on visitor traffic or lead signups.

For a low cost option LaunchRock and MailChimp are worthy of consideration. While they don’t have all the bells and whistles of some solutions on the market, for a low monthly fee you do get everything you need to get started.

If you are a fan of WordPress, or have already built your site off the back of WordPress then Optimize Press and Thrive Architect are equally as impressive.

For those looking to use a full website builder as a tool for generating landing pages then Wix or Squarespace would take out the top prize in our eyes.

Finally, if you are looking to launch a business or get a venture off the ground then you need a comprehensive way to create, assign and manage the tasks you and your team work on each day. Task Pigeon provides a straight-forward, yet powerful task management tool that makes it easy to do just that. Take a look and check out how Task Pigeon can help your team.

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