Updated UI Fuels User Growth – The July/August Monthly Reports

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It’s been a couple of months since the last update on Task Pigeon. In that time a lot has happened! In this transparency report on Task Pigeon I will cover both July and August activities. As always I will be sharing user numbers, income and expenditure.

By far the biggest event in this two month span was the launch of the new, updated Task Pigeon which I am calling our V3. We put significant time and energy into completely updating the user interface and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some key areas which I believe have driven this result include:

  • A significantly improved Kanban Board view
  • An enhanced list view with the ability to mark tasks as complete without opening them
  • A general modernisation of the look and feel of the application, lifting it from a 6.5/10 to at least an 9/10 on the design front IMO.

The public launch was in late August, but had been live from ~the 20th and almost immediately we saw a significant uptick in user numbers and user engagement. That’s where we will kick off this months report.

July / August 2018 New Sign Ups


July sign ups grew to 212 from 165, an increase of 28%. This in turn was out done by our performance in August which saw new sign ups increase to 338, representing a further 59% improvement.

This figure also doesn’t increase signups from invited users. I.e. Members who are added to existing teams. While we had a slight pause in July we have seen this figure increase 50% in the two months from June to August.

Invited signups remains an important metric as we have seen from past experience that larger teams are more likely to upgrade to our paid tier.

July / August 2018 Monthly Active Users / User Engagement

While attracting more users to Task Pigeon is certainly important what really matters is making sure that these new users (and past sign ups) remain engaged with the application.

In July and August we also had some pleasing results on that front. I’ll start by looking at the number of tasks created.

Between July and August the number of users who created new tasks increased from 151 to 205, an growth rate of 35%. The number of tasks these people created also increased by more than 50% to 1,214 tasks.

Obviously, not all users create tasks. Especially in larger teams. That’s why I also look at task views.

The number of task views in July increased to 5,467. This represents a 73% growth rate from June. This number continued to rise in August with a total of 8,133 task views, a growth rate of 48%.

The number of people viewing these tasks also increased significantly, jumping from 237 in June to 418 in August.

July / August Web Traffic 2018

Web traffic did take a bit of a hit in July as I took the peddle off some marketing campaigns that were driving traffic, but not user sign ups. Fortunately, it all but rebounded in August as the chart below shows.

With my focus on releasing the new version of Task Pigeon my blogging efforts also dropped back a bit over the past 6 to 8 weeks. Fortunately this did not seem to have an impact on traffic to the blog.

In July 2018 pageviews increased by 11.88%. Unique page views were also up 10.23%.

This growth continued in August with pageviews crossing back above 6,000, an increase of 10.73%. Unique Pageviews also increased by 9.91% but average time on page did take a hit.

Revenue July / August 2018

Monthly Recurring Revenue remains the most important metric for me. A large part of launching the new and improved version of Task Pigeon was to increase the conversion rate of paid users.

Currently we have a total of 21 paying users generating $189 USD in Monthly Recurring Revenue. This number grew by 2 users during August.

With the launch of the new version we have already seen early signs that this will improve both retention and conversion of users to our paid accounts.

Expenditure July / August 2018

Investing in the upgrade did of course require an increase in expenditure.

This, in addition to the general expenses of running Task Pigeon resulted in the following:

  • July Expenditure = $1,958.68
  • August Expenditure = $6,878.11

That about wraps up this months report. The real question for me is how all of this will flow through and impact our performance in September and October as new users are bought to the platform, complete their 14 day trial and choose whether or not to upgrade to our paid tier.

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