Why Choose Task Pigeon As Your Task Management Tool of Choice

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There are dozens of task management tools on the market so “Why Task Pigeon?” It’s a great question and one I get asked often as the Founder & CEO of the company.

So in this article I’m going to detail why Task Pigeon is the ideal task management tool for you and your team. First of all I want to start with our overarching belief.

It focuses on the fact that the nature of work is changing faster than ever before. Not only do we have more flexible work environments, the emergence of the “gig economy” but also a stronger focus on outcomes, rather than hours worked, compared to ever before.

Therefore a task management tool of today has to have at its core a flexible approach to task management. This is really what led to the creation of Task Pigeon. As a task management user myself I was yet to find a tool that met exactly what I needed. So I decided to create my own.

Since then our vision has continued to grow and develop. It was when considering how to prioritise new features that our second belief solidified itself. That belief is that many existing task management tools are simply too complex. If you need multiple menus, 5+ clicks or in-depth training to understand how to use something, then it won’t ever work for an organisation. That’s why Task Pigeon allows you to get to any part of your dashboard in just one click.

So as I think about how far we have come since launch here’s the six core reasons why you should choose Task Pigeon:

Time is Money

Time is money and no one wants to waste energy learning a new tool or process.

Task Pigeon is a straight-forward, yet powerful task management tool that requires virtually no training. You and your team can be up and running in minutes and you are never going to have to “hunt” for a project or task you remember creating a few days ago but can’t remember where.

Everything is centrally located on your dashboard and at most is one click away.

Flexibility Over Complexity

In addition to being quick to learn and easy to embed in your team or organisation Task Pigeon favors flexibility over complexity.

A core part of this is understanding that there is no one size fits all approach to task management. So while some other task management applications “force” you to use a pre-set view, Task Pigeon is flexible.

Each member of your team can view tasks anyway they want. That means one user could view tasks as tiles, another could preference the list view and a third yet could opt for the Kanban board. Better yet, you can seamlessly switch between easy and any of these views with a single click of your mouse.

Augment The Productivity of Your Team

As we mentioned above the nature of work is changing. Corporations are becoming more flexible, engaging freelancers or the “gig economy” is quickly becoming the norm and its not unusual for employees to have multiple jobs or “side gigs”.

In addition to our underlying task management capabilities, Task Pigeon recognises that a task management tool should not simply be a better way of writing things down. Rather it should actually help you and your team get things done.

That’s why we introduced “Marketplace by Task Pigeon”. A simple and effective way to quickly and easily outsource tasks that you and your team don’t have the time or energy to complete. That way instead of delaying a task or cancelling a project you now have a third option and can outsource it in just a few clicks.

Zero Risk In Starting

While this isn’t something unique to Task Pigeon it is still important to point out that unlike some other tools we have a 100% free tier. No credit card required, nor limited 30 day trial. You and your team (of up to 5 users) can continue to use Task Pigeon without charge.

In addition, all teams get access to our premium features during the first 14 days so that you can become familiar with what our premium features offer and how they can augment your teams productivity.

Features That Make Managing Tasks Easier (Not Harder)

Despite what the marketing department of other software vendors will tell you there is such thing as feature overload!

It occurs when each additional feature ends up only being used by 0.1% of the market, but increases the complexity for each and every other user.

While we understand there is a need for a variety of features (to meet the needs of different types of teams) we always come back to our core beliefs and ensure that more features doesn’t equal more complexity.

In other words we ensure that new features help make managing tasks easier. We have done that already with our variety of views, ability to quickly filter between your tasks and some of our premium features like private tasks and our integration with Zapier.

We have also recently added some additional features that make creating and managing tasks easier than every before:

  • Sub-Categories that allow you to create a parent category such as “Marketing” and then a variety of sub-categories that sit underneath that. For example “Social Media Marketing”, “Pay Per Click Ads”, etc
  • Private Categories – There are some tasks that only need to be seen by certain parts of our business. For that reason we have created “Private Categories” which allow you to wall off access to tasks contained within that category to only users you select.
  • Recurring Tasks – We all know that there are many tasks that recur on a regular basis. For example weekly or monthly reports. With recurring tasks you will be able to select this as an option when creating a new task. Making it easy to set and forget.

Supporting A Global View

Employees aren’t small silos of effort that are locked in a corner to do their work. In every role there is a level of collaboration required to ensure a task is completed effectively and the best outcome achieved.

The entire Task Pigeon experience is designed with this in mind. It all starts with our “Group Task Dashboard” which shows all the tasks you and members of your team are working on. I.e. it gives you the global view.

From there you can easily filter to “My Tasks” to get the shortlist and see exactly what’s on your plate and requires your direct input.

We take this approach because we believe that teams work their best when there is open communication/collaboration and an understanding of what is working on what, and when.

So while there are many other great task management tools on the market Task Pigeon effectively balances the ability to meet the needs of your team without overwhelming them with complexity or complex navigation menus that make it difficult to see exactly what you are working on. And with that in mind we invite you to sign up for a free Task Pigeon account today!


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