Why Choose Task Pigeon If You’re Switching From Trello

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As a task management tool, Trello has a lot going for it.

It’s simple, easy to use and comes with a decent free plan. As a result it is often a task management tool small teams turn to when looking to create to-do lists and manage simple projects.

As your team grows however you make look to make a switch from Trello to a robust task management tool.

But before we tackle some of the reasons why you might need to make the switch from Trello let’s first look at why it is so popular in the first place.

Where Trello Stands Out

challenges of cross functional teams

First of all Trello makes it easy to get started. It’s free to create an account and adding simple tasks to the kanban board is intuitive and easy to understand.

There use of “cards” and the ability to move tasks between one board and another was also revolutionary at the time. While many other task management tools have caught up many people still consider Trello the original Kanban board task management tool.

Trello also has a robust notifications and the ability to add “power ups” to boards to extend their functionality.

But despite everything Trello has going for it, as your team grows you may find yourself seeking additional flexibility and/or a lower cost option as adding power ups to lots of different boards can add up.

Why Switch From Using Trello?

It’s Hard To See Exactly What “You” Are Responsible For

Like Kanban Boards look great as more and more boards are added, and more and more tasks are created it can be increasingly difficult to see what you are personally responsible for.

While you could scroll through each board individually or create a separate board just for your tasks these are only stop gap solutions.

An alternative approach would be a task management tool like Task Pigeon which allows you to filter between “Group Tasks” (tasks assigned to anyone in your team) and “My Tasks” (or the tasks you are personally responsible for).

Complex Projects Require Many Power Ups

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It’s simple – you cannot do complex project management on Trello without having to buy power ups.

Trello provides you with one power up per board for free, but after that you are forced to upgrade to their paid tier in order to access them.

As a result what was once a free, simple to use task management tool becomes something that attracts an added expense and is increasingly complex to manage.

The Design Is Stuck In The Past

Now this may not be the biggest issue for everyone, but Trello feels stuck in the early 2000’s.

The widespread use of grey and the bland design of the dashboard, Kanban boards and cards themselves provide provide a very visually pleasing environment to work from.

In addition, the varying heights and styles of the cards is sometimes a issue. If you add a photo or attachment to a card its great to be able to see it direct from your dashboard, but it then means more scrolling just to see the tasks you have to work on.

Managers Cannot Quickly & Easily See Who Is Working On What

disadvanatges of being non-techncial founder

Similar to the issue with being unable to quickly see what you are responsible for, Managers can often be frustrated by the inability to quickly see who in their team is working on what.

While you can assign users to individual cards there is no way to quickly filter and see one individuals tasks or dashboards.

As a result when you are assigning work you have to make an educated guess as to who may have some spare time in their work diary if the issue is urgent. Other tools such as Task Pigeon provide a management view that makes it easy to filter down to individual team members.

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!

Trello is Not Built to Handle Large Projects

If you are working on a single project, Trello will be an excellent management tool. But when working on large projects with many moving parts that demand individual attention, then you can be found wanting…

For instance, you can only see one board at a time on Trello, which can make managing a project which requires simultaneous board views or categories an issue.

In addition to that you may opt to set up multiple boards, one for each project, but then you are constantly jumping out of one board and into another, which is not an ideal outcome.

With Task Pigeon you can break down these large projects and quickly filter to specific areas of interest by utilizing the ability to create sub-categories. For example you could use the parent category for the overall project, i.e. “Create New Landing Page” and then use sub-categories to break that larger project and the tasks within it down to the various sub components, such as design, development and content.

You Cannot Mix Business and Personal Boards

how to become focused

If you have tasks that cross both your personal and business life you make need to find an alternative to Trello. That is unless you are happy for other people in your team to be able to see the tasks you have created to yourself.

While you could create a completely separate Trello board you will once again find yourself jumping in and out of different work environments. A better approach would be to look for a task management tool that allows for private tasks that remain hidden from others.

Task Pigeon also supports private categories that restrict who can view all of the tasks within a particular category or sub-category.

Trello is an excellent tool for basic task management. But if you want more features, you will find yourself considering making a switch from Trello to an better-equipped alternative.

If you are looking to switch from Trello, Task Pigeon is a great alternative. Task Pigeon is a straight-forward, yet powerful task management tool to help individuals and teams get more done. You can create a free account today!

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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